Say Goodbye To Bad Smelling Helmets

Flow - The World's First Helmet Freshener

Keep Your Helmet Smelling Good 👌

A Scented Helmet Experience

Flow fits all full-cover helmets. Say goodbye to bad smelling helmets, and hello to your new BFF. Designed and manufactured in USA.

Powered by 100% natural essential oil blends, not only will flow keep your helmet smelling great, our scents offer aromatherapeutic benefits that will enhance your riding experience.

Our air-enhancing diffuser system provides a subtle and consistent scented environment inside your helmet.

Enhance your Riding Mood & Keep Your Helmet Smelling Good 👌

The first ever helmet diffuser and air freshener. Powered by 100% natural essential oils. SHOP NOW
Powered By 100% Natural Essential Oils

Friendly to the planet.
Safe for you.
Built for the ride.

Everything from our essential oil scents to our packaging has been smartly designed to be safe for you and the planet.

100% natural scents (grasse certified)

Aromatherapeutic benefits

Eco and skin friendly materials

Smart simple design built by riders


Christian BuckBMW GS 1250

"Flight smells so damn good! It's like a shot of sunshine and eucalyptus. It opens up my breathing and gets me ready to ride."


"Took flow on my moto trip across Europe and lasted the entire trip. Genius product, never knew how much I needed it until I used it!"


"Keeps me calm in LA traffic. Whoever is the perfumer at flow knows what they are doing, Canopy is a beautiful scent."

Flow -The World's First Helmet Diffuser