About Us

We are riders. For years we have explored backroads, eaten pavement, and camped under open skies. When we put on our helmets and explore the world by motorcycle we are propelled into a multi-sensory experience — The grip of the throttle. Landscapes sweeping by. Resonance of a roaring engine. The taste of thrill in the air.

Through our rides, we’ve learned just how much power the senses have to connect us to our experiences, create meaning and cement memories in our lives.

This inspiration drove us to create flow — which taps into your mind-nose connection. Scents are powerful. They can energize, relax, or even take us back to a time and place. Flow provides a subtle yet consistent scented environment inside your helmet — allowing you to create the riding experience you seek.

We are stoked to bring flow to the riding world and hope that you enjoy it as much as we have.

Enhance your state of ride with Flow.